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“On behalf of Plaatjie house, St David’s Inanda, I would like to thank you for giving us a speech about speaking up on injustices occurring to children in our society.

It was heartbreaking to learn about children who are being abused by their seniors, peers, and even family members. To know that this is still happening today is unbelievable. It is extremely encouraging to hear that your cause is helping to solve this crisis. Hearing about someone close to you suffering really drove home the idea that anyone in my life could be abused and not show it.

What really struck me from your presentation was the fact that adults in politics are making choices for us while barely asking for our input. It almost feels as though they are purposely trying to silence us, instead of trying to listen to our opinions and ideas. I would like to see a world where children are given just as much of a voice as adults are, so the world becomes better for everyone.

While the idea that abuse is learned from parents by children is frightening, as that circle of pain continues until someone is strong enough to be better, I see hope in future generations. The type of people who are strong enough to decide to raise their children better than they were raised are the people we should strive to be. Thanks to your presentation, I know that there are people in the world who work to actively prevent violence against children, and to bridge the gap between adults and children. I can’t explain enough how you have changed the thought process of many children here, who will now think more critically about the relationship they have with their families and peers. I hope that one day the world won’t have anyone experiencing abuse, especially by someone who they are close to.

While the world we live in may not be a perfect one where everyone can be safe, loved, and happy, I am so glad that there are people like you working towards making our world better for future generations.” St David’s Inanda Grade 11 learner.

“I love that this is an organisation close to my heart as an adoptive mother. Have felt blessed to send some cents in, knowing it’s for the voiceless who are so often overlooked and forgotten by society.

People March against gender-based violence, but not sharing crimes against children specifically. This is MY protest.” Thandi Refilwe Rose Tsukudu, activist and adoptive mom

“Thank you for the incredible work that you do. And for high lighting the desperate need for baby savers.” Eileen Ross

“Our kids are so lucky to have you in their corner” Esther von Waltsleben, actress and adoptive mom

“THANK YOU for all that you do – your voice is significant!” Sandy Immelman, co-founder of the Helderberg Baby Saver

“The talk was so inspiring.“ Gr 10 learner St David’s Inanda

For the Voiceless truly is that – a voice for the most vulnerable in our society – the babies and children. Robyn’s heart for making a difference for those most in need is special. She is constantly researching and writing – finding out who needs help (abandoned babies, abused children, neglected infants and orphans) and shining a light into this darkness – raising awareness. Along with this she searches for solutions and has been an amazing partner to Baby Savers SA as they lobby to legalise safe relinquishment in South Africa.
Thank you Robyn Wolfson Vorster for doing what many folk can’t – looking at the pain and deciding to help instead of walking away.
Sandy Immelman
Baby Savers SA

We are grateful for your voice for the voiceless. Thank you for being so central to the NPO sector working with children. It can feel overwhelming to be inside the chaos that affects children. Robyn Wolfson Vorster is so skilled at getting to the core of what matters, who can make effective changes and how. Thank you for always being a good listener first. Then an awesome writer. Each article and story you write is well worth reading. I love listening to you.
Susan Daly
Kid’s Haven

”With her passionate advocacy Robyn brings infinite wisdom and insight into the sorrowful state so many South African children are trying to survive in. She speaks from the heart and truly speaks for the voiceless. We thank you Robyn!
Jennifer McQuillan
Under The Son Early Childhood Education

It is one thing to see, feel and respond to the tremendous hurt being done to our country due to the neglect of the needs of our children but to also have the gift of being able to tell those stories and trumpet the need for change…. that is a true change maker! We appreciate you Robyn Wolfson Vorster and For the Voiceless for your dedication in being the mouthpiece for those who cannot speak the words themselves.
Pippa Jarvis
TLC Children’s Home

This is an amazing organization who do incredible work in raising awareness for vulnerable children
Dee Blackie

“Our kids are so lucky to have you in their corner” Esther von Waltsleben, actress and adoptive mom

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